Nigel Collingwood

Writings on Psychopolitical Themes, by Nigel Collingwood

roughly in chronological order

Politics and Bodies c. 1978. A first stab at linking Marx with Reich’s theory of character structure.

Marxism and Determinism, c. 1978. Arguing that Marx is not a mechanistic materialist; economic factors not the sole determinants of history

Class-consciousness and Bodies, 1979. Marx + Reich + Bertell Ollman.

Alienation and Bodies, 1980. Character structure linked to alienation.

Birth, Death and Bodies, c. 1981.

Party and Alienation. 1982. Looking at the revolutionary party from the Marx-Reich standpoint.

Alienation and Introjection, 1982. Linking Marx’s alienation to Gestalt Therapy’s introjection.

Peace and Bodies, 1983. Arguing that violence flows from how we meet our bodily needs

Political Grounding, 1983. Connect Paper No 3. Links Marx with Boadella.

Deduction of 4 basic ways of deviating from full human activity, c 1983 i.e. the four modifications of contact in Gestalt Therapy.

Work in progress towards a synthesis of Marxism and therapy, c.1983.

Ecstasy and Politics, 1984. Article in Self and Society 1984, Vol xii, nos 2 and 3 (No 3 contains important addenda + response to criticism by John Rowan) Linking mystical experiences to politics.

Towards Gestalt Politics, 1984. Connect Paper No 5. Links Perls to Marx in a constructive critique of some writings of David Wasdell

All in One Peace, 1985. Brief outline of links between personal and political change.

A Fourth Level of Caring, 1986. Printed in Changes. Links therapy with mystical experience

The Politics of Wilberism,1 c. 1986. Finds Wilber’s position poorly “grounded” and in need of concept of introjection

Institutionalised Violence and Spirituality, 1986. Paper presented at AHPP Conference on Violence and Spirituality.

Embryonic Layers and Social Oppression, 1986. Boadella’s embryological variant of Reichian therapy linked with Marxism. Printed in Energy & Character, July 1986. (3-dimensional schema)

The Meaning of Socialism, article rejected by New Society.

Beyond Domination. 1986. Notes preparatory for a workshop.

Capitalism and the Oppression of children, 1988.

I was also a member of the team that collaborated in writing Counselling and Peace, British Association for Counselling, 1988. Two of my contributions were the “sketches of the dynamics of war-making and peace-making”.

Politics as Pathology & Politics as Therapy, 1989. (4-dimensional schema)

Thoughts on Recent Political Change, 1989. Applying four-dimensional schema to recent events.

Psychopolitics, Overview, 1990

Spirituality, Regression and Social Change, 1990. Paper for the BAC Conference on Towards a Sane Society?, held at York.

Rebirthing, article in local magazine “Dimensions”, Spring 1991.

People and Politics: a Four-dimensional Model of Individual and Social Change, Self & Society, XIX,5, Sept/Oct 1991

Hurt Child, Hurt Planet, article submitted to Wesbac Newsletter, Jan 1992

1 very much a first draft, and I would not like it to be quoted.